Medela Symphony Breast Pump Double Collection Kit


Medela Symphony Double Pump Collection Kit (Required when hiring Medela Symphony Breast Pump)


2 x Bottle – Hospital Grade 150ml
2 x Bottle Lid with Teat Insert Disc
2 x Symphony Membrane Cap
2 x Symphony Protective Membrane
2 x Valve
2 x Membrane
2 x 24mm Breastshield
2 x Tubing
2 x Bottle Cap
1 x Instructions

(Please note teats are not included)

If you have any questions about this product, please call Amanda at Bubs2Bratz Nursery Hire on 07 47284323.


The Medela reusable breastpump sets include everything a mother needs to express breastmilk with a professional breastpump.

Using the breastpump

The comfortable reusable breastpump set can be used with the Symphony 2-Phase Expression Breastpump. The 2-Phase Expression Technology perfectly mimics the natural suction rhythm of babies. Initially, a light and fast pumping rhythm stimulates let-down which is then followed by a slower, deeper rhythm which optimises the milk flow. In this way you get more milk in less time.

All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are, of course, BPA-free.


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